Sunday, October 28, 2012

Food Drive 2012 ends-Thank you notes

Thank you from Mrs. May:
"Please tell all the high school students who came up to help me count cans how much I appreciate the time they donated. They really are such a big help."
"I want to say a special thank you to Catherine L. She was such a tremendous help to me this week. I knew I could not only count on her to show up every day, but also, she was organized, extremely careful about counting and recording the number of cans brought in by the students, and a joy to work with each day. Although I did not have the opportunity to teach Catherine in sixth grade, it is evident to me that she is a very special young lady. I so appreciate all her help during the canned food drive." 

Thank you from Mrs. Clay: Casady YAC, YOU ROCK! We broke every record of cans and monetary donations. Thank you to all the YAC Senior chairs and the YAC members who volunteered at the different divisions, to the ones who made posters, and to the amazing "dancing cans." We took a bite of Oklahoma Hunger! 5,779 cans and $1,016.87 with a generous contribution of $500 from the Multicultural Club after Fall Fest. 

Casady Cans Do was part of the Make a Difference Day Initiative, A Day/Week of good deeds for others.   USA WEEKEND Magazine and Points of Light joined together to sponsor Make A Difference Day, when millions of volunteers around the world unite in a common mission to improve the lives of others.  The YAC senior chairs took the leadership of Casady Cans Do Food Drive. They created teams of YAC members and friends who motivated Cyclones from all divisions through can costumes, stickers, competitions, and posters advocating helping our Regional Food Bank to take a bite out of Oklahoma Hunger. Casady Can Can Hunger was the inspiring slogan that call the UD students to donate cans and money. UD and LD requested monetary donations.  The other divisions concentrated in bringing cans. The Middle Division house competition brought the most cans and the canstruction competition, revived an old Casady tradition at the Upper Division. The final donation from all divisions was 5,779 cans and $1,016.87 with a generous contribution of $500 from the Multicultural Club after Fall Fest. 

Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma Statistics


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